Liderlik Gelişimi

Last week, we dealt with the question, “What are most challenging topics for managers?”. This week, we’ll continue with a different perspective and ask, “What are the most challenging topics for companies?”

Liderler İçin Üniversal Gerçekler

İsminden ve fikirlerinden bu köşede sık sık bahsettiğim Manfred Ket De Vries 2008 yılının sonunda Uluslar Arası Liderlik Derneği’nin Hayat Boyu Başarı Ödülüne layık görüldü. Ödülü takiben yazdığı ilk kitap da bu günlerde basıldı “Karakter ve Liderlik Üzerine Yansımalar”. Kısa süre içinde Türkçe’ye çevrilmesini dilediğim kitap, liderlere klinik psikoloji gözlüğü ile bakarak, işletme, mühendislik ve sosyoloji disiplinleri ile baktığımızda göremediğimiz pek çok derin anlayışı su yüzüne çıkarıyor. Ayrıca liderlik meselesiyle ilgili öğrenme sürecinin daha çok uzun yıllar hem kurumsal hem de siyasal alanda devam edeceğini gösteriyor.

Müzedeki Prens

Prens Charles’la ilk tanışmam 10 yaşlarında Leydi Di ile muhteşem düğününü televizyondan seyretmeme dayanıyor. Leydi Diana’nın metrelerce uzunluktaki duvağını unutmama imkan yok. Küçük bir kızken herkesin öyle evlenmek isteyeceğini sanarak bir masal gibi izlemiştim düğünü siyah beyaz televizyonumuzdan. Sonra resimlerine bakmıştım uzun uzun gazetelerde. Sadece masallarda olduğunu sandığım prens ve prenses hikayelerinin gerçek hayatta da olduklarının kanıtıydı o düğün benim için.


Collaboration, working together, involving people to decision making are most “favorite” competences for corporation leadership. Not because they’re popular, because they’re obligatory. In the new work model; departments, responsibilities, roles, reason-result relations are so intrigued and so connected to each other that the managers can’t decide on their own even in their own specialties. Technology, communication channels, speed, competition and talent wars are the reasons behind this fact.

Karizmayla Narsisizim

It is unbelievable that we still discuss if leaders are born or made. It seems like everything changes but the expectation from leadership never seems to change around here. Even today leaders dare to dictate to families how many kids to plan for. The leaders of public institutions forget that they have to report to the society and act the opposite way and lots of new leader candidates are the sons of former leaders. It is time to give up on their “I know everything” attitude and remember that the Turkish leaders used to value the wisdom that comes from consulting with others. It is time to look at the mirror.

Can Barack Obama Be ‘The Leader’ Of The New Century?

The successful leadership attitude that Barak Obama -- the President of the most powerful country in the world -- presented during his presidential campaign is appreciated not only by his own country but also by the world because of the theme of hope he focused on: peace, social responsibility, environmentalism and the alleviation of poverty are the touch points of his message. In his inaugural address he was able to communicate his vision, passion, optimism, hope, and courage; and he was able to connect with his audience, create a mutual goal, inspire and gain their trust by his tone, approach and modesty. At least for today he has the poten..

Topuklarım Zaaf Değil Güçtür

Fru Hazlitt was one of the best speakers of the CIPD’s HR Congress, this year. She talked about the crisis and the down-sizing periods she went through first at Yahoo as vice-president, then at England’s GCap Media as general manager and her communication strategy that lies behind the success of over-coming these times with success. Although the things she said were very interesting and valuable what drew my attention most was her pointing the shoes she wore with her very elegant dark blue suit and saying, “I never go on a stage without my red high-heels.” I didn’t think at all, “Why would a pair of shoes would be important for a woman who ha..

İyileşmek İçin Hasta Olmak Şart mı?

The leadership literature is full of the stories of good and bad leaders from all over the world. The factors that contribute to success and failure are crystal clear. When we look at the political or corporate leaders of Turkey, it is obvious where and how to develop if they want to. Do we really have to wait until they fail before we develop the system?

Bana Bir Hikaye Anlat

Since Richard Boyatsiz wrote in his last Harvard Business Review article, that people are convinced by emotional arguments not rational arguments, I’ve been thinking on how this would effect my job, which is leadership development. If the leaders who are the best storytellers, the best listeners, who express themselves best, who understand the others’ feelings best and who can show their feelings will be the most successful ones in this difficult times, that would mean the skills we will focus on when working with them will shift a little.

Kriz Döneminde Liderlik

There’s nowhere to run. Everyone is talking about the crisis. Dollar, euro, changes in the stock market, they all effect everyone in different ways, if they have money or not. Everyone’s plans are upside down. So are the leaders’ we work with. They all follow the news closely, think about developing correct strategies for their own impact areas.

Belirsiz Zamanlarda Liderlik

The British human resources foundation CIPD releases a series of research every year. One of this year’s is called “Leadership at uncertain times”. What could be more up to date?

Kişisel Bütünlük

Today, I’ll present you a case study. The firm I’ll be talking about is imaginary, it is not a real firm.

You work for a national airline company. You are at the first rank related to CEO, (the C level managers that are so popular nowadays), you are the CIRO, meaning Chief International Relations Officer. You are a young, successful, dynamic manager. You’re from the team that CEO brought with himself while coming to this firm, so you’re “CEO’s man”. You feel you’re safe. You like your company but you are not happy with the salary strategy that was used in the past because your and your team’s salaries are not satisfying.

Akılları Yönetmek

This article is about changes in the way we define “leadership, management and the good manager” based on how the world is changing. The job titles and position power once required to lead people are no longer enough. Smart people know their value, they are aware of the skills and knowledge they bring to the table and they want to hear and see commensurate value from their managers – they feel that they deserve it. The managers and leaders of today need to learn a new set of skills to lead this well educated, challenging, bold, daring young generation who are not fixated on earning a corporate identity.

İki Şehrin Hikayesi

Today I’ll write about two old men, two enormous men who retired from two important business schools, London Business School and Harvard Business School leaving a great legacy behind them but still didn’t stop thinking and producing, still write books, lecture and speak.


This is another article about the women’s place in Turkey. Unfortunately we rank first in the international research about violence against women. Women’s weak place at the parliament, business life, public life, education and the things to do to change it are a never-ending story. Do we deserve the label of barbarians, despite how we bristle when we hear it?

PERYON, the professional organization for people management

Since there is no undergrad program for the teaching of “people management,” and only a few graduate programs in few universities, it is not easy for people to choose this discipline as a career or develop themselves in this area. On the other hand PERYON is an association which was founded 37 years ago and developed and grew continuously. It is one of the strongest professional organization with over 2000 members, its growing diversity by new members from other occupations, very experienced and powerful board and committees, with its governance model, audit and discipline mechanism , ethics codes, strong relationships with public institution..

What if your colleague Mr. Ali becomes Ms. Aliye over night

Recently I have heard a transformational story about a married male engineer’s gender transition to a female. The effort that the company’s owners and his friends made to support him is exceptional for Turkey, and the effort for the others to orient this change is significant but sadly not enough to keep him in the company. Even though they changed the working conditions accordingly, for him to be accepted with her new identity without being judged was not possible. On the other hand the statistics say that sexual orientation is 8-10 percent different than being straight in every society independent than the culture. And in Europe and the U.S..

Ruling The World

The best part of my job is the people I work with; very smart and talented leaders; all of them with a vision; an aim that gives them direction and energy. They believe they can make a change in their work and the society they live in. But even they need some support for believing they can make a change in two things; themselves and the world.

Aç Kardelen Aç

Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği’nin kız öğrencilerin okumasını destekleme çalışmaları kapsamında başlayan, Turkcell’in sponsorluğuyla önce beş bin bu sene itibariyle de 10 bin öğrencinin burs aldığı Kardelenler programını biliyorsunuz. Ayşe Kulin’in kitabı, Sezen Aksu’nun şahane şarkısı ve konserleriyle, şimdi de ‘Kardelen Ayşe’ reklamıyla tüm Türkiye biliyor. 2003 yılında biz de şirket olarak programa bir ‘gençlik mentorluğu’ modülü eklenmesi konusunda birlikte çalışmıştık.

Tanrı ile Larry Arasındaki Fark

I’ve spent the last week in Brussels at our international company’s usual annual conference. One of the sessions—because of the high demand—was psychopathological disorders seen in business world. At one point the instructor showed the disorders and asked “do you have any consultees that fall into this category?” Only a few shy hands rose. Then he asked, “Is there anyone who thinks their manager has one of these disorders?”. Nearly all the hands in the venue rose. That means lots of high rank managers think there’s something “off” about their managers.